Looking For A Method For Total-Body Fitness? Try PiYo!


The piyo workout is a fitness method developed by Chalene Johnson. It consists of a set of exercises designed to keep your whole body in shape. The techniques of yoga and Pilates come together in this system, and hence it guarantees the benefits of both. But the level of energy required for PiYo is higher when compared to yoga and Pilates. PiYo is an excellent way to enhance your strength and flexibility and to get rid of excess weight.

The experts at www.fitness.gov stress the need for a healthy lifestyle with regular exercises and the right nutrition. PiYo can help you in your efforts to lead a healthy life. This article deals with the advantages of PiYo that makes it appealing.

Unique from the rest!
There are many systems which combine yoga and Pilates. But PiYo stands apart from the rest; it incorporates features of dance and martial arts also which makes it stronger. PiYo workout does not use the slow music which is used while practicing Zen yoga. Instead, it makes use of cheerful mainstream music which when played in the background keeps people interested and energetic while working out.

Body strengthening and sculpting
Many workouts have the problem of making your muscles bulky so that you do not prefer to do them. PiYo is the right kind of workout which strengthens the body and at the same time sculptures and tones your muscles. PiYo is designed in such a way as to include core works, squats, lunges, and planks which engage each and every muscle of your body.

Cardio and fun
Pilates and yoga are not aerobic in nature while PiYo is. The fun of doing PiYo lies in the way the exercises are linked together. It utilizes poses from yoga and Pilates and makes use of dance to transition from one pose to another For example, the yoga poses like the warrior, and sun salutations, etc. are repeatedly done by combining it with dance moves to move in and out of these poses. All these actively progressing exercises help in increasing your heart rate and burning calories. So, if you need a workout which should make you sweat, PiYo does it in the best manner!

The list is not over!
The benefits of PiYo do not just end with cardiac health and toned muscles. Those who learn and practice this type of exercise get much more. A few additional benefits are listed below.
· Muscle flexibility- PiYo poses and moves increases the flexibility of your muscles greatly.
· Increased range of motion in joints- A restricted range of motion in joints is one of the main things people complain about. The moves in PiYo overcome this. Once you practice this, your joints can be moved in a wide range.
· A better balance-The regular practice of trying out various poses and their transitions increases the overall balance of your body.
· More energy- The purpose of PiYo is to make you more energetic and lively keeping your mind and body active.
· Less stress- As PiYo combines the elements of yoga, it acts as a stress buster.